The Lemon Moms Companion Workbook, Book 2

Companion-Workbook-3D-IG-POST-1024x1024 The Lemon Moms Companion Workbook, Book 2

The Lemon Moms Companion Workbook is an essential tool for anyone seeking to understand and overcome the complex legacy of being raised by a narcissistic mother. Through a carefully structured program of reflection, exercises, and actionable steps, it offers a path to reclaiming your sense of self and building healthy, fulfilling relationships.

This workbook guides you through a deeply personal exploration of your experiences, emotions, and patterns shaped by maternal narcissism. It is divided into thematic sections, each focusing on critical aspects of recovery. Thought-provoking questions and exercises encourage introspection and self-discovery, while practical action steps empower you to implement real changes in your life.

This workbook complements the insights provided in the main book but also stands on its own as a powerful resource for healing. It offers a clear roadmap to thriving beyond the shadows of maternal narcissism.