Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!

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ssl Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!
AFFIRMATIONS-WORKBOOK-NEW Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!

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ssl Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!

Did you know it’s nearly impossible to live your best life if you struggle with low self-esteem or self-confidence? Start creating a life filled with joy and purpose by learning to develop a positive and nurturing inner dialogue to benefit your body, mind, and spirit!

When you change your self-talk, you literally change your mindset and perspective! When you go from unsupportive inner dialogue to nurturing and affirming who you are as your best self, you literally change your self-identity.

By using positive affirmations, you:
-reinforce a new self-narrative
-see yourself differently
-adopt a broader definition of your “identity”
-adopt a broader definition of your roles
-define ideas like “success” differently

As you use this beautiful workbook journal, you’ll learn how to replace the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that keep you stuck and hold you back. You’ll recognize your unsupportive inner dialogue and replace it with validating, affirming self-talk to change yourself and your life.

You’ll learn how to determine your current vibrational state and, using a step-by-step approach, how to raise your vibration with positive affirmations. First, you’ll discover the six essential traits of the most potent affirmations and then how to re-work them to be the highest vibrating they can be.

You’ll acquire four fundamentals to incorporate into your daily affirmational practice, making it a highly personal and powerful package for manifesting the life you want. Then, as you begin writing and speaking your most individualized, powerful, and highest vibrating affirmations, you’ll start to uncover your true, authentic self and your highest potential.

Write inside the book • Inspiring prompts and activities •  Expressive Journaling  

•Write in the book-This workbook journal is packed with 99 exquisite pages; a lovely place to dream, plan and explore your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Use the dedicated areas to answer questions and write and re-work your affirmations. And there are pages devoted to keeping track of new insights and creating gratitude lists. Transfer your polished affirmations to the special area in the back if you desire to cut them out for use in your daily practice.

•Interactive Activities

  • Explore characteristics that you want to change about yourself and your life.
  • Explore your intentions and determine what you will accomplish by changing.
  • Use the guided step-by-step instructions to make your first affirmation resonate highly when you’re finished.
  • Investigate new thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you want to create.
  • Explore the unique character traits of your authentic self and discover how to receive them.
  • Understand where gratitude fits into your practice, and create a dynamic gratitude list.

• Inspiring Prompts

Unpack your new insights, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, then connect them to your unique, personal affirmations.

• Expressive Journaling
Deepen your understanding of self-love and self-compassion to use them in the real world. With self-compassion and positive self-talk come self-acceptance and the confidence to move forward into your best life.

Empowering, Healing Affirmation Phone Wallpaper

What you say to yourself matters

Keep your self-talk positive and your affirmations always front and center~

ssl Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!

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ssl Upgrade Your Self-talk and Start Manifesting Your New Life!